Source: Hemisphere GPS

Hemisphere GPS announced its VersaSteer interface (VSi), a new electric steering wheel option for its best selling Outback eDrive automated steering system. eDriveVSi's electrically controlled steering wheel adds to the versatility and ease of automated steering as it can quickly be added to a variety of machinery including swathers (windrowers), tractors, sprayers, harvesters and more. Growers will appreciate the automated steering performance and reduced fatigue associated with eDriveVSi.

Coupled with an Outback guidance system, eDriveVSi delivers decimeter-level steering control accuracy ideal for broadacre applications such as swathing, spraying, spreading and more. Operators can easily complete the installation and transfer the automated steering system from one machine to another. eDriveVSi complements the existing eDrive product line as it provides a portable alternative to the eDriveTC hydraulic-basedsteering system and eDriveX, a centimeter-level steering system. eDriveVSi automatically steers the vehicle along straight lines, or free-form curved patterns. The electrically controlled steering wheel replaces the existing steering wheel in the vehicle and interfaces with eDrive to support farm machinery where automated hydraulic steering interfaces are not practical. With eDriveVSi's accurate and consistent steering, operating costs and inputs are reduced. Less driver skill is required and growers can extend their hours of operation.

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