Source: Mid America CropLife Association

Refillable Container & Repackaging Requirements go into effect on August 16, 2011. The refillable container and repackaging requirement part of the rule states what type of containers can be used for refilling or repackaging different pesticide products. The rule also states that each Pesticide Registrant must include language in their repackaging contracts that clearly describes the acceptable containers that are required for refilling and for storing each of their pesticide products.

This rule is an EPA rule and all enforcement will be through the EPA.

MACA's Web site has several items that may be of assistance.

Rule Summary 

Regulation Poster

Refillable Container Requirements and Pesticide Refiller Checklist for Portable Refillable Containers - includes checklist for portable refillable containers.

Inspecting Refillable Pesticide Container Video - video shows what to look for with EPA official providing explanation.