GROWMARK was recognized by the National Biodiesel Board (NBB) for its impact on the biodiesel industry with the NBB's Eye on Biodiesel-Impact Award. The award highlights success in legislation, new markets, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) outreach, and other areas of impact on the industry.

NBB said GROWMARK is a leader in the biodeisel industry, demonstrating its ongoing commitment to the advancement of the biodiesel industry through its research, education and promotion activities.

"The cooperative has worked diligently to enhance awareness of the benefits of homegrown fuels through hundreds of educational seminars and presentations. GROWMARK also developed best practices for handling biodiesel fuel at the distributor and end-user level, as well as a new quality assurance program to tighten the handling specifications to minimize operability issues in cold weather," NBB stated.

Mark Dehner, GROWMARK marketing manager, refined and renewable fuels, accepted the award on behalf of GROWMARK and its FS member cooperatives and subsidiaries.

"We are honored to be recognized by NBB as having a significant impact on the industry. When we first conducted field trials in 1994, the phrase home grown fuels was not in many people's vocabulary and many were skeptical that biodiesel could perform as well as traditional diesel fuel. However, our FS member cooperatives and subsidiaries believed in the products, proved the benefits and the performance standards of the products, and continued to enhance awareness among various user groups," Dehner said. "We remain committed to these products and are excited about the future of home grown fuels."

Following the 1994 field trials, GROWMARK, its FS member cooperatives and subsidiaries began marketing the fuel in 1999. Today, biodiesel is marketed through its network of FS member cooperatives and subsidiaries across 11 states. GROWMARK biodiesel sales have grown from 10,000 gallons in 2000 to an estimated 22.7 million gallons in calendar 2007.