Source: Global Clean Energy Holdings

Global Clean Energy Holdings Inc., a Los Angeles based biofuel feedstock development and operations company, announced the acquisition of Technology Alternatives Ltd., a Belizean based Jatropha producer, for stock and the assumption of existing debt.

Technology Alternatives owns and operates a 400 acre actively producing Jatropha farm in subtropical Belize, Central America. Technology Alternatives has been performing plant science research for a number of years and provides technical advisory services for propagation of Jatropha which includes plant and soil science and farming techniques throughout Latin America.

Technology Alternatives includes agricultural and biofuels expertise with many years of technical hands-on experience in the conversion of various vegetable oils into high-grade biodiesel. An advantage of the acquisition is Technology Alternatives' close proximity to Mexico to support Global's Jatropha Energy Farms.

"This indeed is a strategic acquisition for Global Clean Energy. (Technology Alternatives) provides additional resources to our technical and plant sciences capacity and will generate revenue for GCEH in 2008," says Global's President and CEO, Richard Palmer. "The oil seed producing farm and the hands-on technical experience are key components to our long term strategy of developing and operating multiple Jatropha Energy Farms throughout the region."

Neal Walmsley, the founder and president of Technology Alternative, added, "Our complementary skills and experience will allow us to collectively expand our Jatropha operations in Belize and Latin America. We will provide technical support to Global's Jatropha farms in Mexico and generate current period revenue through an expansion of our independent advisory services."