Source: Becker Underwood

Recommending a multi-action growth-enhancing system like VAULT® HP as part of your customers' seed treatment plans this spring can help them get their crop off to a strong early start. With today's double-digit soybean prices, it's more important than ever for retailers, seed dealers and treaters to include the VAULT HP growth-enhancement system as part of their seed-treatment program to soybean growers.

"Advancements in soybean genetics and seed treatment technologies allow growers to plant earlier than ever," says Dr. Jim Beuerlein, professor emeritus in agronomy extension from The Ohio State University and technical adviser to Becker Underwood. "In fact, we now have growers planting beans at mid-50-degree soil temperatures. The use of the latest rhizobia-containing growth enhancement treatments is one way to help reduce the risk of early planting, and get plants up and going more quickly," he says.

Yield data from 2010 provides added proof of the high return on investment growers can realize from using VAULT HP. Last year, VAULT HP-treated seed delivered a 3.3 bushel-per-acre yield advantage over non-inoculated soybeans in more than 40 field trial locations across the country, whether applied alone or with other popular insecticide and fungicide seed treatments.

Dr. Beuerlein is a recognized leader in soybean and soybean inoculant research. He explains that, after planting, the patented growth-enhancer component in the VAULT HP system works with the robust, fresh rhizobia provided in the product, and with any native rhizobia, to stimulate root nodulation and boost the nitrogen-fixing potential of any soybean field, particularly in adverse conditions like cool, early-planted soil.

The triple BioStacked® VAULT HP system pairs a patented biological performance enhancer and high-count rhizobia inoculant with INTEGRAL®, an EPA-registered biological fungicide. Collectively, the biological components stimulate rhizobial activity and help extend protection from key soil-borne disease. These components work together to improve nodulation and nutrient uptake. That means more nodes, blooms and pods can form as the plant develops, which leads to more yield and profit potential. VAULT HP also has an extremely low application rate of just 2.0 fl. oz. per hundredweight of seed to give seed treaters more flexibility and options when combining it with other popular seed-treatment products.

Dr. Beuerlein puts it in simple, bottom-line terms: "Farmers understand good return on investment — when you can start talking about getting more pods and beans on plants, it becomes real money, real quick. Recommending VAULT HP is a smart way to increase your customers' profit opportunities."

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