Source: Monsanto Company

Test plots of Monsanto's and Dow AgroSciences' new all-in-one corn trait, SmartStax, are showing good success in protecting against a pest that, until now, farmers have been largely defenseless to effectively control-corn earworm.

Although corn earworm pressure has been light to moderate in much of the Midwest this season, there have been some pockets of heavier pressure, most notably in the western Corn Belt. In this geography, Genuity SmartStax has demonstrated superior protection against this pest, which can reduce yields and grain quality by feeding on corn ears.

Scheduled for introduction in 2010 on 3 million to 4 million acres, SmartStax will provide the industry's broadest spectrum of above- and below-ground insect control, including earworm protection, as well as two herbicide-tolerance traits for improved weed control.

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