Source: Frontier Hybrids

Texas-based Frontier Hybrids announced that it has joined AgVenture, a network of independently owned and operated regional seed companies. Company president Trent Ryan said, "We are really pleased to make this move for our customers and proud to become AgVenture Frontier Hybrids."

The family founded and owned company, based in Abernathy, Texas, will continue to provide its customers the agronomic service and support they trust.

"By joining AgVenture, we now have even greater access to superior seed genetics and the latest seed technologies available on the market," Ryan said.

AgVenture Frontier Hybrids territory spans 900,000 corn acres in the High Plains region including parts of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Kansas.

Ryan said AgVenture Frontier Hybrids plans to participate in AVI's Maximum Profit System, a strategic approach to helping growers attain greater profitability through greatly improving yield, driving down cost per bushel produced and improving customers' overall profitability on every acre.

"The Maximum Profit System will really provide our growers with some great resources and tools," Ryan said. "The system is designed to help them use sound agronomics, accuracy in placement and selection, and custom-developed information systems to farm for maximum profit. It is unique. It is innovative and it works."

According to Ryan, he's seen some great advantages from working with the AgVenture team.

"As an independent seed company owner, we've already greatly benefited from the interaction with other AgVenture RSCs across the nation and the AgVenture leadership," he said. "This is a move that is right for the times. Farmers need to realize value from every single input and operation on their farms. As AgVenture Frontier Hybrids, we can continue our focus on effective management of the soil, water and land resources while we provide our customers with exceptional seed choices adapted to our area."