Congressman Frank Lucas (R-Okla.), who becomes the new chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, spoke with Mike Adams with AgriTalk radio last week, addressing issues such as discussion of the farm bill, CRP rules and oversight regulations from USDA, EPA and other agencies.

More specifically, Congressman Lucas said he will put off discussion of a new farm bill until 2012. Instead, the committee in 2011 will focus on oversight of regulations from USDA, EPA and other agencies. As for the 2012 Farm Bill, Lucas said money will be tight. They expect to get a budget figure from leadership in the spring of 2012 and then use that figure to form the farm bill. He admits that direct payments may be on the table.

Lucas also said that CRP rules should be relaxed so that CRP acreage could be used as a "relief valve" in the food versus fuel debate. 

Lucas speaks to the 2012 farm bill
Lucas comments on USDA, EPA oversight
Lucas calls for more flexibility in CRP program