Source: Iowa State University

The results of plot trials across Iowa from 2007 through 2009 using foliar fungicides on corn have been released. Summarized data from the small plot trials conducted by Iowa State University faculty and staff, and on-farm trials conducted by the Iowa Soybean Association On-Farm Network, the ISU Corn and Soybean Initiative and the ISU Northwest On-Farm research program include:

  • For the total 574 observations, the overall mean yield response was 4.04 bu/A. 

  • Yield response of small plot trials (173 observations) was 4.39bu/A, compared with 3.89 bu/A for on-farm strip trials (401 observations).  

  • The mean yield response in all years was similar: 3.42 bu/A (2007), 3.83 bu/A (2008) and 3.72 bu/A (2009).

  • The mean yield response was higher in corn-following corn trials compared with corn-following soybean trials (4.54 bu/A vs 3.96 bu/A).

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