Source: FMC news release

FMC Corp. has introcued Spartan Charge herbicide. This dual-action herbicide is the company's latest addition to its broadening portfolio of sunflower herbicides. It provides preemergence control of tough broadleaf weeds with the added benefit of effective, fast burndown control of small susceptible broadleaf weeds, allowing sunflower producers to start with a cleaner field in the spring.

Used for both pre-plant burndown and preemergence weed control, Spartan Charge targets "puffball" kochia and other tough broadleaf weeds. Spartan Charge provides fast, reliable control, even in cooler weather conditions, the company said. Visible control of susceptible small broadleaf weeds can be seen within days of application.

Spartan can be used effectively in a wide range of tillage systems including no-till, minimum till and conventional till. The product can be applied as a burndown herbicide prior to planting, as an early pre-plant or pre-emergence application up to three days after planting. In addition, the reduced rotational intervals required with Spartan Charge give growers greater rotational flexibility to corn and other crops.

Spartan Charge is a tank-mix partner with preemergence grass herbicides or with glyphosate and other pre-plant burndown broad-spectrum herbicides for increased yields and higher profits. At a standard rate range of 3.75 fl oz/A to 8.50 fl oz/A, sunflower producers can count on Spartan Charge to deliver superior preemergence activity on a variety of key weeds, including on ALS- and glyphosate-resistant susceptible broadleaf weeds such as kochia.

Spartan Charge can be used on a variety of crops in addition to sunflowers, including dry field peas and chickpeas, soybeans and tobacco.