A new option for broad-spectrum control of broadleaf weeds with grass control assistance in soybeans is now available from FMC Corporation. New Authority Assist herbicide is the answer for effective residual control of tough broadleaves and grass control assistance. Soybean growers can rely on Authority Assist for complete broadleaf control, including control of small-seeded weeds, and grass assist, resulting in a cleaner start for increased yields.

Authority Assist is labeled for control of a variety of key weeds, including waterhemp, lambsquarters, pigweed, cocklebur, velvetleaf, Venice mallow, nightshade, morningglory, nutsedge, kochia, Russian thistle, barnyardgrass, foxtail and fall panicum. In addition, Authority Assist provides more effective control of many resistant biotypes, making it an important tool for an overall resistance management program in soybeans.
A unique dual mode of action makes Authority Assist a key herbicide to provide more complete residual control of tough weeds and grasses and widen the window of application for the postemergence application. Authority Assist is a flexible weed control option in soybeans. Growers can apply Authority Assist pre-plant, PPI or PRE in no-till, minimum-till or conventional tillage systems. To get a head start on planting, growers can apply Authority Assist in the fall or as a pre-plant application in early spring. The broad-spectrum label means growers can achieve more consistent control of broadleaves and grasses, resulting in higher yields.

"Authority Assist provides soybean growers effective residual control of tough broadleaf weeds and grass assist in one convenient product," says Yemel Ortega, product manager for FMC. "Authority Assist provides control of problematic weeds, allowing growers more flexibility in post application timing and contributing to maximize soybeans yields."

Authority Assist is the latest product in the Authority brand of herbicides now available from FMC. Authority First DF herbicide is a proven performer, delivering dual modes of action for control of large- and small-seeded broadleaf weeds. Authority MTZ herbicide, with the unique Flexi-Crop Advantage, allows growers the flexibility to adapt planting options to changing market demands and weather patterns to get the most out of every acre.