Source: National Weather Service

The National Weather Service issued its Spring Flood Outlook for 2011. The outlook is based on current streamflows and soil moisture over the area. Upstream snowpack in the Mississippi River, Missouri, and Illinois River Basins, and forecast rainfall over the next two weeks to three months. More than expected rainfall could cause additional flooding over the area. There are near even or greater than even chances for flooding along most of the rivers in the St. Louis service area over the next 90 days.

The biggest news is along the Mississippi River where significant flooding is likely at all points from Canton to Winfield. Significant flooding is defined as flooding that exceeds pre-defined moderate stages. Moderate flooding typically occurs when secondary roads or outbuildings are inundated. Of particular note, these probabilities are indicating greater chances of significant flooding along the Mississippi River than in any spring flood outlook issued over at least the past 8 years. Of course, this includes 2008, when major flooding developed in the summer along the Mississippi River north of Alton. 

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