The Brazilian Biosafety Technical Commission approved genetically modified soybeans jointly developed by BASF and Embrapa, the Brazilian Agricultural Research Cooperative, for meeting the standards and the biosafety for the environment, agriculture, livestock health and human health, according to a news release from BASF. The approval allows BASF and Embrapa to bring new herbicide-tolerant soybeans to Brazilian farmers.

"The approval marks a new era for BASF's plant biotechnology activities," said Peter Eckes, president and CEO of BASF Plant Science. "We are very pleased to have BASF's first genetically modified crop approved for commercial cultivation."

The soybeans are part of the "Cultivance Production System," which combines herbicide-tolerant soybean varieties with BASF's broad spectrum imidazolinone class of herbicides, tailored to regional conditions, the companies explained. The two companies are now seeking approval for the biotech soybeans in key Brazilian export markets such as China and the U.S.

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