Source: BASF

BASF Crop Protection has unveiled a new active ingredient called Initium. This proprietary substance is the first of a new chemical class that will soon broaden BASF's product line for specialty crops. Field trials have shown Initium to be a highly selective and effective fungicide to prevent late blight and downy mildew combined with an excellent overall regulatory profile.

"We are very excited about Initium," said Peter Eckes, head of research and development at BASF's Crop Protection division. "It is the latest fungicide from our innovative pipeline developed for the fast-growing specialty crop business. It joins a whole range of BASF active ingredients in this segment that go into products such as Headline fungicide, Pristine fungicide, Endura fungicide and TwinLine fungicide,"

Initium was submitted for registration to European authorities in September 2008. The worldwide registration initiative will continue through the end of 2009 in Latin America, Asia and North America. Initium is scheduled to make its marketing debut in Latin America in 2010 as the active ingredient in several branded BASF products.

Products powered by Initium are expected to enter selected European markets in time for the 2011 field season.

Initium products will support farmers worldwide, covering a broad spectrum of countries, crops and segments. With the standardization of registration standards and residue limits gaining importance, Initium will appeal especially to growers of export crops.