This time of year, an annual battle is taking place against the North American gypsy moth, one of the most destructive pests of shade, fruit and ornamental trees as well as hardwood forests. Populations are currently at very high densities in what are called outbreaks in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Wisconsin.

StollerUSA, a Houston-based agribusiness company that actively researches and develops micronutrients, has produced Golden Pest Spray Oil, an effective tool in the fight against gypsy moth infestations. According to users, Golden Pest Spray Oil is easy to apply and can kill treated gypsy moth egg masses, helping to reduce the starting population in areas scheduled for an insecticide spray due to high populations of the pest.

"We identify a need, such as pest control, and then diligently work to provide our customers with timely and innovative solutions," said Jerry Stoller, president of StollerUSA. "Our solution to the gypsy moth is Golden Pest Spray Oil, which according to a USDA study demonstrated 100 percent effectiveness in killing gypsy moth egg masses when applied at least two weeks prior to normal hatch."

In community parks and on yard trees, Golden Pest Spray Oil is a valuable addition to an integrated pest management program especially for the homeowner as its active ingredient is food-grade soybean oil and it doesn't require any special application equipment.

Besides being a pest of trees, gypsy moth larvae are a nuisance to people. When gypsy moth populations are high, larvae are everywhere and this can be uncomfortable for many people. If the larvae are handled, the hairs can cause rashes.

Gypsy moths are established throughout the northeastern quarter of the U.S., from Maine to Virginia, and west to Wisconsin. Egg masses can be found on trees but also on buildings or items left outside near trees such as vehicles, play equipment or outdoor furniture.

In addition to Golden Pest Spray Oil, StollerUSA markets a full line of products including Bio-Forge, Flower Power and X-Tra Power to help growers increase crop yield and quality. For more information on Golden Pest Spray Oil, visit