Some day in the not too distant future, European farmers will be planting biotech crops. Some already are planting insect-protected corn, and many more want to plant it and other biotech crops, but their governments continue to kowtow to anti-technology groups.

Governments are starting to soften, however, as was witnessed Feb. 16 when an increased number of member states voted in favor of forcing France and Greece to remove their ban of insect-protected corn, the only biotech product approved for planting in the European Union.

The European Commission wants the ban lifted because no science supports it. Typically only five nations step up to support the science, but this time nine countries voted in support.

Meanwhile, growers in Europe and around the world continue to push for more biotech products as they see their productivity falling behind other nations. No new biotech crops have been approved in Europe for 11 years.

European farmers who planted Bt corn know the benefits. Growers in seven EU countries