Source: Farm Works

Farm Works has introduced their latest version of software called Farm Works Version 2009. Some of the major additions to the office solutions include support of multiple clients, improved cash flow statement, expanded budget comparison report, detailed weather records, and additional supply categories for manure and water. Mapping improvements include batch importing and exporting of background maps, display of angled text, and streamlined job importing (for reading data such as yield maps). Support for reading and writing the latest John Deere GreenStar 2, Case/New Holland Voyager 2, Precision Planting, Ag Leader (including boundaries), and other formats are also available.

Highlights in the field solutions (Site Mate) include a new interface to accommodate more map area and larger buttons for quick data entry. The auto field selection when using GPS eliminates steps of picking a field name from a drop-down list-saving time in the field. Synchronization also improved to accommodate the transfer of files to the proper client/farm/field/crop year on the desktop solutions. If using a Loup/RDS Yield Monitor, Site Mate will display a colored yield map while logging all data. The field solutions will install to any mobile computer with Windows CE, Windows Mobile, or Windows 2000 or higher.

"All updates are based on customer requests as we try to constantly improve the software every year," said Scott Nusbaum, president at Farm Works.

Customers can easily update to the current version without being penalized for skipping prior updates. The Update Service Plan includes Version 2009, 12 months of downloadable updates, 12 months of phone support, and 20 percent off Farm Works classes. The Update Service Plan sells for $300. This also includes new tutorial movies for training and updated detailed PDF manuals.