Source: Doug Johnson, University of Kentucky

Capture of fall armyworm (FAW) moths in University of Kentucky IPM pheromone baited traps is increasing once again. Is this increase made up of the adults (moths) resulting from the extra large generation that was captured on Aug 27th?

Only time will tell, but there are several supporting items. First, the timing of the two moth flights appear to be separated in time by about the length of time one would expect between generations; about 30-32 days. We are currently at 28 days. Second this up-tick in capture appears to be mimicking the 2007 late season flight. If this flight is large there could be a large population of caterpillars at wheat emergence time, particularly if early planting occurs. Of course many things can happen (temperature, rainfall, etc.) between now and then. None the less, given the large populations we have seen this summer wheat growers are advised to keep watch for this insect. 

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