Source: BASF

Progressing with their pledge to bring European beekeepers an effective solution to control the parasitic varroa destructor mite, BASF and NOD Apiary Products announced the first results from official registration trials conducted in Europe. Tests conducted with the help of independent bee scientists in Germany, France and the UK were promising.

In all countries, trials were conducted in partnership with local institutes. In Germany, BASF and NOD partnered with the State Institute of Apiculture (University of Hohenheim). In the UK and France, the trials were conducted with The Food and Environmental Research Agency (Fera) and in TESTAPI (Bee experiment and consultancy), respectively. From July 2010 to October 2010, BASF tested two different product formulations in Europe. One of these formulations showed prominent product efficiency: As a result of these 2010 trials, BASF expects a consistent product efficacy level above 90 percent. 

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