Source: Renewable Fuels Association

Cutting edge leaders in the world's advanced ethanol industry announced that they are coming together in conjunction with the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) to form the Advanced Ethanol Council (AEC). The AEC will be singularly focused on accelerating the commercialization of advanced ethanol through visionary public policies that unleash the full potential of these advanced technologies and launch new market opportunities for ethanol.

The AEC represents a wide range of advanced ethanol technologies utilizing feedstock from grasses and corn stalks to wood waste, municipal solid waste and algae to produce clean, renewable ethanol. The industry leaders founding the AEC include Abengoa Bioenergy, BlueFire Renewables, Coskata, Enerkem, Fulcrum BioEnergy, Inbicon, Iogen, Mascoma, Osage Bio Energy and Qteros.

"Advanced ethanol production and use is a critical component of America's strategy to become more energy self-reliant," said Mascoma Chief Executive Officer Bill Brady, who will serve as chair of the AEC. "New ethanol technologies will dramatically increase transportation fuel security, create new jobs, and diversify the feedstocks that can be processed into transportation fuels. Together with existing biofuel production, advanced ethanol will dramatically reduce America's dependence on imported oil and provide Americans with more control over their energy future. As world events have demonstrated, the need for secure alternatives to imported oil is immediate. Members of the AEC are excited to join with the RFA and begin writing the next chapter in American ethanol."
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