Source: NCGA

Three major farmer and ethanol groups called on Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson to formally approve the use of E12 (12 percent ethanol) in the nation's gasoline supply, according to the National Corn Growers Association. The groups, American Coalition for Ethanol, National Corn Growers Association and the Renewable Fuels Association, in a formal letter to the EPA Administrator wrote, "based on the EPA's delay in acting upon the full E15 waiver and on our concerns that the agency will restrict the use of E15 to cars made in 2001 and thereafter, we encourage the EPA to formally approve the use of E12 for all motor vehicles as an immediate interim step pending any ongoing additional testing on E15."

The groups pointed to President Obama's stated goal of reducing reliance on oil imports and reiterated that expanded use of domestically produced ethanol will help accomplish that goal. According to the letter, "Decreasing dependence on foreign oil is a key to this country's environmental, energy and security policy, and the EPA must provide a practical and workable solution to the ethanol blend wall issue and do so soon. Allowing E12 for all motor vehicles as an interim step to a full waiver for E15 is a reasonable and defensible first step to solve the immediate problem."

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