Source: Agricultural Retailers Association

At a recent American Association of Pesticide Control Officials meeting, pesticide agency leaders explained a new national policy under enforcement by EPA personnel. The new policy allows for EPA inspections to start routinely at a facility until a violation is discovered; when that happens, the agency personnel are now directed to inspect all locations of that company.

The following list outlines the top inspection areas.

  1.  Areas near and around water for possible pesticide contamination

    2.  Compliance enforcement — Inspections will be made at facilities with past violations first.

     a. This area also includes inspections for misbranded and/or adulterated pesticides mainly imports from countries like China.
     b. If a company is not in compliance a second time the agency will seek recovery of all economic benefit for non-compliance plus regulatory fines.

    3. Fumigants and fumigation practices to ensure worker protection standards are met

Federal inspections have remained fairly constant at about 1,000, but state inspections have risen to 88,000 with 17,600 enforcement actions. This is a significant amount of inspections considering there are only about 9,000 U.S. facilities that sell pesticides.