Source: EnviroLogix

EnviroLogix has released two new rapid test kits for the detection of novel biotechnology traits in bulk soybeans and corn.

The QuickComb Kit for QuickScan-Bulk Soybeans provides quantitative and traceable results for adventitious presence in beans.

Designed for use in the new QuickScan system, the QuickComb Kit simultaneously detects the presence of PAT/pat protein in LibertyLink soybeans and CP4 protein in Roundup Ready soybeans. QuickScan quantifies these traits in a range relevant to identity preserve grain traders.

Meanwhile, the QuickStix Kit for Cry2A Bulk Corn identifies the presence of the Cry2Ab protein at levels typically expressed in corn varieties such as Genuity VT Triple PRO. The test strip can be run alongside the QuickComb Kit for Bulk Grain, screening corn at 1 percent in a representative sample.

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