Hops growers have a new tool to control damaging mites and manage resistance, thanks to new Envidor 2 SC miticide from Bayer CropScience. Envidor is labeled for immediate sale and use, although some state labels may be pending.

"Envidor is a selective, foliar miticide that contains the active ingredient spirodiclofen, a member of the new chemical class called tetronic acids," says Jon Mixson, Envidor product manager. "It effectively controls twospotted spider mites in hops."

Envidor also has a unique mode of action classified as a Lipid Biosynthesis Inhibitor (LBI), which is different from other types of miticides available in the marketplace. Because there is no cross-resistance to other miticides, this novel mode of action makes Envidor a critical tool for effective mite control while simultaneously managing mite resistance.

Mixson explains that Envidor is active against all life stages of mites, including eggs and female adults. Immature mites die soon after treatment with Envidor because they can't grow into the next development stage, he says. And treated adult females deposit fewer eggs.

"Mites treated with Envidor may still be visible for several days following treatment, but aren't damaging plants and will die soon," Mixson points out.

Flexible application timing is another benefit of Envidor. For optimal results, Envidor should be applied as either a preventive treatment or at early threshold when mite populations begin to build.

Envidor is an excellent choice for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) programs because it provides minimal risk to many beneficial insect species.

Compatible with many crop protection products, Envidor is rainfast after it has dried and is not degraded by high temperatures or light.

"In hops, only Envidor provides effective residual control of all pest stages and works as a resistance management tool, while providing application safety and flexibility," concludes Mixson.