Source: University of Kentucky

When the 2010 growing season begins, Ric Bessin and Doug Johnson, entomologists in the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture, will be on the lookout for the state's first-ever appearance of three species of stink bugs.

The brown marmorated, red-banded and bean plastid stink bugs are invasive, not native, and potential pests of soybeans. Some of them can also be pests of fruits and vegetables and home nuisances. While these stink bugs have not been found in Kentucky, they are in neighboring states.

"While we haven't seen them yet, it's important to know when and where they are, so we can get a handle on them if they do appear in the state," Johnson said. "If you find a bug that emits a bad odor or is unfamiliar in your plants or home, you should send it to your county agent to get it identified."

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