With all eyes on corn this year, many expect to see a drop in soybean acres, making it more important than ever to use all available tools to produce the higher yields necessary to meet rising demand. As planting gets underway, experts are urging growers to protect against yield-robbing early-season weeds by incorporating residual weed control into their crop plan.

"Early-season weed competition can greatly reduce yields and profits," said Brandie Penrose, technical marketing specialist for BASF. "A residual herbicide protects the crop with early, effective and lasting weed control, helping to maximize yields, regardless of the soybean production system."

According to a study by Ohio State and Purdue Universities, weeds that reach 9 inches can reduce yields by as much as 6 percent and 12-inch weeds can result in up to a 10 percent yield loss.

Growers are advised to stop weeds before they gain ground in soybean fields with residual control such as Prowl H2O and Extreme herbicides. Prowl H2O is a water-based residual herbicide that offers greater convenience, performance and crop safety. With Extreme, growers protect their Roundup Ready soybeans against newly emerged yield-robbing grasses and broadleaf weeds with knockdown power and residual that keeps them down. With the possibility of varying weather conditions during the spray window, eliminating weed competition early in the season gives growers a wider window for spraying glyphosate later.

"Soybean growers need to look at the benefits of making two herbicide applications. This conclusion is based on more than eight years of field observations that indicate growers are leaving an awful lot of bushels in the field," said Bill Johnson, Weed Science Professor at Purdue University.

"It's an easy and a very reliable solution for growers to incorporate residual herbicides into their program. Not only does that thin the weed population and decrease early-season weed competition, but it also provides a more uniform size of weeds to control with a post emergence glyphosate," said Johnson.

High prices and increasing demand are giving growers a significant opportunity entering the 2007 season. "Soybean growers should take advantage of every opportunity to protect their crop and increase yields. Prowl H2O and Extreme residual herbicides provide the early-season weed control growers can count on to make this season a success," said Penrose. For more information on Prowl H2O, Extreme and other BASF crop protection products, visit www.agproducts.basf.com.

Always read and follow label directions.