Durand-Wayland has signed a distribution agreement with Greefa to offer superior fruit and vegetable sorting technology to U.S. packing houses. Located in the Netherlands, Greefa develops and manufactures sorting systems that are used all over the world.

"By joining forces with Greefa, we're able to merge their advanced technology with our sales, service and support expertise," said Durand-Wayland President Bob Collins. "We spent several years analyzing the market, and this agreement enables us to offer our customers the best in sorting equipment and capabilities, while allowing Greefa to expand into the American market."

Suitable for most fruits and vegetables, Greefa's unique systems and modules combine multifunctional features, sorting requirements and ease of use. The company can fulfill all major sorting needs including sorting by size, color and weight. Greefa's modules allow for measurement of both external and internal quality, as well as detection of the firmness of fruit. This sorting equipment varies from small (two-lane) machines for independent growers to extremely large (double 10-lane) machines for packing houses and cooperatives.

"For nearly 60 years, our company has led the way in innovations in fruit and vegetable sorting," said Wim Zeelenberg with Greefa. "By partnering with Durand-Wayland as our exclusive distributor in the United States, we're able to introduce our sorting technology to this market, in combination with the high level of support and service Durand-Wayland is known for. In today's uncertain times, this partnership of two world-renowned companies also offers our customers a reassuring level of stability."

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