DuPont and Rotam announced that they have entered into a patent non-assertion agreement indicating DuPont will not pursue patent infringement litigation against Rotam with respect to any manufacture, marketing and sale of a monohydrate form of nicosulfuron in the United States.

This agreement, which included a negotiated fee from Rotam in return for the non-assertion grant, represents part of an ongoing DuPont program to protect its intellectual property rights. "Agreements like this one allow DuPont to obtain fair value for its intellectual property rights," said John Chrosniak, DuPont regional director for North America.

"This agreement allows Rotam to provide its U.S. customers with agricultural products containing granular nicosulfuron, manufactured by Rotam, without an assertion action from DuPont," said Alvaro Canizares, president of Rotam North America, Inc.

Details of the agreement, including the amount of consideration paid by Rotam to DuPont for the non-assertion, were not disclosed.

This agreement is not connected to, and does not impact any other matter or issue that exists or may arise between the parties with respect to nicosulfuron.