Source: Dow AgroSciences

The new herbicide-tolerant trait technology from Dow AgroSciences is on track for its scheduled launch, according to the company. The new technology will partner the proven power of 2,4-D with other leading weed control systems to not only improve management of hard-to-control and glyphosate-resistant weeds, but also deliver enhanced convenience and value.

"The industry should be encouraged by the progress Dow AgroSciences is making with its new herbicide-tolerant trait technology," said Tom Wiltrout, global seeds, traits and oils strategy leader for Dow AgroSciences. "The recent steps forward — including submission of the corn and soybean traits to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) for regulatory approval, and the announcement of a cross-licensing agreement with Pioneer — are positive steps for this new technology. We are advancing these new traits to meet technical milestones at the appropriate pace, as we get even closer to giving growers a powerful weed control technology that can be used across an entire operation."

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