Source: DocuSign

DocuSign, an on-demand electronic signature solution, announced that Dow AgroSciences LLC uses DocuSign to securely transact grower contracts online. Using DocuSign's Application Programming Interface (API), DocuSign is seamlessly integrated within Dow AgroSciences' Trait Stewardship Web portal. Growers can now quickly and conveniently complete and sign the Trait Stewardship Grower Agreement digitally using DocuSign e-signature technology. Dow AgroSciences has successfully reduced the average turnaround of grower contracts from days to minutes by employing DocuSign.

"It is clear that DocuSign positively impacts our Grower Agreement compliance activities and will also provide value in other departments — legal, marketing programs and customer service," said Aimee Zahora, U.S. seeds & traits business manager for Dow AgroSciences. "We are excited about DocuSign's ease of use and the efficiencies gained through e-signing. DocuSign is the right solution at the right time for the long-term at Dow AgroSciences."

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