Florasulam, a new active ingredient developed by Dow AgroSciences, has been accepted for registration by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The molecule, which will be used primarily by Dow AgroSciences as a mixing partner with other active ingredients in new herbicide products, provides U.S. cereal growers with a new tool for broadleaf weed control.

Florasulam, labeled for use in wheat, barley, durum and oats, delivers post-emergence control of broadleaf weeds like chickweed, cleavers (catchweed bedstraw), wild buckwheat, mustard species and sunflower. It offers a wide application window and low use rates.

"Our company is being recognized today as a leader in bringing innovative herbicides to small grains producers with our recent launches of WideMatch and CleanWave herbicides," says Jim Parker, senior marketing specialist for Dow AgroSciences. "It's a good thing for growers when new active ingredients are developed, and introducing florasulam to the market shows our continued commitment to the research and development of new products for small grains producers."

This registration will help bolster the small grains portfolio of herbicides offered by Dow AgroSciences.

The company also has submitted for registration of a new herbicide that combines three active ingredients: florasulam; another broadleaf chemistry called fluroxypyr, commonly known by the trade name Starane herbicide; and a new molecule for grass control called pyroxsulam. Once approved, this herbicide premix would provide small grains growers the only broad-spectrum grass and broadleaf weed control product currently available for wheat.

"Pyroxsulam will bring a new class of chemistry to grass control in wheat," Parker says. "With this innovative breakthrough in grass control and our leadership position in broadleaf weed control strengthened by the introduction of florasulam, we're in a position to bring to cereal growers more products that will become the benchmark for high performance."

Besides using florasulam as a mixing partner in its own herbicide concepts, Dow AgroSciences has provided florasulam to Syngenta Crop Protection Inc. Syngenta will use the molecule to create products that have multiple active ingredients and a broader spectrum of control.