Currently 60 elementary school teachers across the Midwest have invited the ag industry into their classrooms to teach about today's agriculture. The CropLife Ambassador Network's program links interested industry volunteers to schools that want to expose their students to life few of them understand.

Some of our upcoming programs are being held in the following cities:

Illinois: Oak Park on June 2
Central Indiana: Cloverdale, Trafalager, Bloomington, and Westfield on April 9, 10, 11 and 23 respectively.
Ohio: Miamisburg on April 11; Cleveland on May 27
Michigan: Grand Rapids on May 7 and 8
Missouri: Kansas City on April 24

Ambassadors teach the 4th - 6th grade students about the role of technology and crop protection in being environmental stewards of the land, feeding a growing population and helping to provide an alternate source of fuel.

Our face-to-face approach enables us to document direct contact with more than 6,000 students each year who hear the science-based facts of crop protection industry. Our message is not sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

Additional programs will be scheduled between now and the end of May. Contact Janet Braun, program coordinator for details.

The CropLife Ambassador Network is a network of agricultural professionals who are committed to generating public awareness and appreciation for American agriculture.