Counter 15G systemic insecticide-nematicide will be available for application with the SmartBox closed handling and application system in 2007, according to AMVAC Chemical Corp., which received approval for the use from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

With the EPA approval, Counter insecticide-nematicide will be available in 50-pound SmartBox transfer containers across the Corn Belt and in key sugarbeet growing regions in 2007, according to Mike Snyder, AMVAC insecticide marketing manager. Counter also is available for application through the Lock 'n Load delivery system, which AMVAC purchased along with the Counter chemistry from BASF in late 2006.

In addition to providing broad-spectrum control of corn rootworm, Counter is the only granular tool for control of corn nematodes, an important pest in key areas of the Corn Belt, notes Snyder. Counter also offers unsurpassed control of root maggots and other insect pests in sugarbeets.

Counter joins several other insecticides available for use with the SmartBox system for control of corn rootworm and other insects in corn. These include AZTEC 4.67G, Fortress 5G, Force 3G, Lorsban 15G and Thimet insecticides. Lorsban and Thimet also are registered for use for control of insects in sugarbeets and other crops.

SmartBox is a computer-controlled, GPS-enabled closed handling and application system that electronically meters insecticides from 50-pound returnable containers that eliminate the need to open, pour and dispose of bags. The low-maintenance system can be fitted on all major planter brands.

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