Source: The Context Network

In response to rapid pace and dynamic change in the seed industry, The Context Network has announced the launch of Context Seed Services Group. This business unit will provide small to mid-sized local and regional seed companies with a customized set of business management resources directed specifically to the many critical issues they face.

Context has long provided leadership support to the seed industry and to specific companies. Context Partner Blake Sieker said, "Right now, local and regional seed companies have an acute need for expertise in assisting them to achieve optimal outcomes among the many market dynamics in play across the industry. Having already amassed significant experience and applicable work in this area, we look forward to providing regional and local seed managers with tools they can directly apply to their businesses."

The Seed Services Group will provide seed companies with not only the tools, but the guidance and support from an exceptional team of senior level seed executive consultants. "Our team is anchored in experience pertinent to these companies and the challenges and opportunities at hand," Sieker said.

Sieker said the SSG will provide local seed managers with a long list of strategic consulting services including due diligence and buyer support, assembling creative custom- fit debt and equity financing, operational audits, business plan development and support, accounting and business measurement systems.

"Context fills a niche because several of our partners have been owners/principals in small and regional companies," Sieker said. "This experience, coupled with our strategic consulting and our in-depth knowledge of the seed business uniquely positions Context to assist."

The Context Network provides business management and strategy consulting services to the world's leading agriculture, biotechnology and food companies and government agencies and institutions. Major areas of expertise include strategy, merger and acquisition support, valuation of new technologies, formation of alliances,and market research.