Source: The Context Network

The Context Network has initiated a new multi-client study to provide a strategic analysis of the global sustainability movement and how it is already transforming agriculture and will continue to do so over the next 20 years. The Sustainability Transition: Impacts to Agriculture, due for release in early 2011, will provide a strategic overview of agriculture sustainability within the context of resource constraints.

Context Senior Associate and study Principal Jim Murphy stated, "Sustainability is a term that is growing in importance across our industries. For agriculture, sustainability has become a strategic issue and one that will increasingly affect financial performance." He added, "While the topic of sustainable agriculture has been extensively covered, it has not been comprehensively analyzed from the viewpoint of organizations in agriculture. The Sustainability Transition: Impacts to Agriculture will provide an unambiguous view of the range of impacts and just how different sustainable agriculture is likely to look by commodity and by region of the world."

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