Source: University of Illinois

The Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IL-EPA) is set to publish rules and establish permits related to the Clean Water Act (CWA) and the use of pesticides in, on or near water sources. An initial general draft permit was published in late December 2010, and an open comment period was held over the holidays. Various state agencies and agricultural groups submitted concerns and suggestions; the University of Illinois Pesticide Safety Education Program provided thoughts as well.

It is anticipated that IL-EPA will finalize its general permit sometime in March after the USEPA publishes its final permit for the states to model theirs after. Permits will be required beginning April 9, 2011. IL-EPA did not ask for this new task. The intention of requiring permits is to protect water quality per court action and interpretations of the Clean Water Act.

Those pesticide applicators who aren't properly covered by a permit could be found in violation of the Clean Water Act. NPDES permits are required for any discharge to waters of the state from any biological or chemical application that leaves a residue when the pesticide is applied. 

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