Source: Monsanto

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notified Monsanto that the biotechnology consultation process for MON 87705, a key component of the company's Vistive Gold soybeans that produce a high-oleic, low-saturate, low-trans fat soybean oil, has been completed. Conclusion of the consultation with FDA completes one of the key regulatory steps to allow for full commercial introduction of Vistive Gold soybeans.

Vistive Gold soybeans, which contain the low-saturate, high-oleic trait will enable food companies to produce foods made with soybean oil to have lower saturated fat levels and maintain low levels of trans fat.

Consumers and farmers will benefit from this product, which was developed with input from the food and nutrition communities, said Joe Cornelius, Monsanto's global technology lead for food quality traits. 

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