Source: CropLife America

CropLife America president and CEO Jay Vroom spoke before the FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel (SAP) during an April 27 hearing on the herbicide atrazine in water to address CLA concern that EPA may be considering a possible new process for analyzing drinking water safety. Vroom recognized that EPA's federal drinking water program establishes wide safety margins for allowable detection levels of crop protection products, and urged the EPA and SAP to focus their attention on what the public actually consumes -- finished drinking water. "This is not only protective of public health but it also assures that resources can be applied to the most effective and efficient points of oversight and regulation," said Vroom.

EPA appears to be asking the SAP for recommendations on including broader monitoring of raw water from surface water bodies in consideration of the human health effects of atrazine, contradicting the robust scientific monitoring process already established and in practice under the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA). Humans consume only the finished water flowing from community water systems, not the raw water going into those systems.

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