Source: CropLife America

"Agriculture has always been about change - changes in the weather, crop demand and farming practices - so CropLife America is well experienced to work with the new Obama Administration in developing the next wave of farm policy change," research consultants were told by CLA President Jay Vroom, here today at the National Alliance of Independent Crop Consultants (NAICC) 2009 Annual Meeting.

More than 400 leading crop and research consultants from across the U.S. and Canada attend the event. NAICC's members influence farm management decisions on more than 27 million acres.

Vroom told participants during his presentation, Safe and Responsible Use of Technology to Meet Crop Production Demands in the 21st Century, that "science based technologies require highly skilled farmers and their well trained expert crop consultants, working in close partnership, to ensure its proper use and stewardship of that technology." This is a key role that NAICC members perform to helping ensure the safe and responsible use of current and newly emerging crop production technologies. Vroom also emphasized the important role agriculture consultants play in employing their expertise to ensure that pesticides are used wisely along with managing pest resistance, reducing liability and saving farmers unnecessary expense.

Vroom cited dynamic product developments noting, "Our CLA members' advances - the development of less toxic and more targeted pesticides along with refining uses of older products and recent crop biotech innovations - have helped push agricultural productivity ever higher by improving yields, increasing produce quality, and maximizing drought tolerance, water and energy efficiency, with the list of advances going on and on," Vroom said. "This is possible because of the intellectual property protection our members rely on both here in the United States and around the world."

Vroom called on participants to anticipate change, be ready for "the next thing" by challenging those present to increase their efforts to remind users to follow labeling instructions and continue the good agricultural practices that have allowed new crop technologies to flourish.

"Get involved in communicating with government officials," he said. "Your commitment to efficient and useful crop production makes you a valuable ambassador and ensures a bright future for American Agriculture. Your membership in NAICC is a big contribution to our collective ability to inform government of the essential role of science in modern agriculture."