Chemtura Corporation and Taminco, Inc. announce an agreement to appoint Chemtura as exclusive distributor for Thiram Granuflo within the United States. Thiram Granuflo is a broad spectrum fungicide for plant disease control on peaches and strawberries.

Thiram Granuflo is the newest crop protection product added to a portfolio of more than 30 branded fungicides, miticides, insecticides, herbicides and plant growth regulators offered by Chemtura.

Thiram Granuflo is Taminco's leading fungicide and Taminco has proven to defend the active ingredient on a global level both in foliar uses and seed treatment. It has been used successfully for many years in integrated pest management and resistance management programs on several crops worldwide.

"The agreement represents another step in our strategy to further focus our business initiatives," states Arturo Redes, director of marketing for Chemtura Corporation North American Crop Protection. "With synergies to some of our key products, Thiram Granuflo is a natural addition to our portfolio and offerings in some of our target market segments."

Thiram Granuflo can be applied on peaches from bloom through post-harvest to control Brown Rot Blossom Blight and Fruit Rot, Peach Leaf Curl, Rhizopus Rot and Peach Scab. On strawberries, it can be used throughout the crop cycle to control Gray Mold.

Additionally, the improved regulatory status of Thiram Granuflo will offer new market opportunities and the unique customer-friendly formulation adds to the product's safety. As part of the distribution agreement, Taminco will continue to manufacture and supply all Thiram Granuflo, while Chemtura receives trademark rights and existing inventories of the fungicide.

"Taminco has chosen Chemtura as its strong marketing partner with a focus on bringing value to the growers," states Jean-Michel Denis, president of Taminco Inc. "The positioning of Thiram Granuflo as an excellent and safe fungicide for strawberry growers will be reinforced."

Always read and follow label directions when using Granuflo or any agrichemical product.