Source: Agricultural Retailers Association

According to the Agricultural Retailers Association, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee intend to vote on a chemical facility security reauthorization bill later this month. The committee is expected to consider competing legislative proposals, including the controversial House-passed bill (H.R. 2868), which permanently reauthorizes the law and vastly expands the regulations to require facilities to use or consider using inherently safer technology (IST). It would also allow for citizen suits against DHS. 

The alternative proposal that will be up for consideration is "The Continuing Chemical Facilities Anti-terrorism Security Act of 2010" (S. 2996) sponsored by Senators Susan Collins, Mark Pryor, George Voinovich and Mary Landrieu. This act would reauthorize the current regulations for an additional five years to allow DHS officials to fully implement the program. ARA and other agricultural and non-agricultural organizations, with members being regulated under the DHS chemical security program known as CFATS, strongly support S. 2996 and oppose H.R. 2868.  

At the Chemical Security Summit held last week in Baltimore, Md., Secretary of DHS Janet Napolitano stated it would disrupt the ongoing work that has taken place already if Congress fails to reauthorize the program before it expires in October 2010. ARA was a co-sponsor of the summit. 

For more information on this issue, contact Richard Gupton at or 202-457-0825. More information on the CFATS program.