Source: Certis USA

Under a new distribution agreement, Germany-based Neudorff has assigned distribution rights to the biopesticide company Certis USA to market its OMRI-listed, NOP-approved products DES-X insecticidal soap concentrate, Cueva liquid copper fungicide concentrate, Seduce insecticidal bait and Sluggo slug and snail bait. (Certis USA will distribute Sluggo to Eastern markets only.) The distribution agreement allows Neudorff to introduce its full line of products into the U.S. specialty agriculture and ornamental industry. For Certis USA, the additional bioproducts give it the most extensive biopesticide product line in the country.

"Quite simply, we saw this as a natural fit. Certis USA has extensive history developing its own biopesticides, in market development, and stewarding bioproducts in the field through its expert staff," said Cameron Wilson, V.P. of Neudorff's North American operations.

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