Source: CB Seed

Five years ago Charles Brown, president of Brownseed Genetics, decided to sell the retail arm of his family business to focus on genetic research. Today, that research has paid off with numerous new high-yielding hybrids proven in third-party trials, and the company will launch CB Seed to offer these hybrids to farmers in the northcentral United States.

"CB Seed represents decades of work," said Brown, referring to his family's 100-year history in the seed business. "We saw a tremendous opportunity for high-yielding, high-value hybrids and varieties, so we made the decision to once again sell through retail channels."

CB Seed will be sold primarily through distributors in Wisconsin, Minnesota, the Dakotas and northern Iowa, since its seed products have been selected for traits that perform best in northern growing conditions. In addition, most hybrids offered by CB Seed will be conventional or single-trait – meaning that they only have select traits for herbicide and insect resistance based on what farmers in the northern climates need. Many CB Seed products have no bioengineered traits.

Costs for fertilizer, fuel and other inputs have become an increasing concern for farmers in recent years. Seed prices have also risen dramatically for products with numerous bioengineered traits to levels more than twice that of conventional hybrids. 

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