Brandt Specialty Formulations announced that its EPA-registered spray oil, Saf-T-Side, has now achieved OMRI Listing. Saf-T-Side is a unique pre-emulsified smothering oil labeled for a broad range of crops and ornamentals. Saf-T-Side is produced using the highest quality "Narrow Range" oil providing optimal pesticidal efficacy, durability and minimal hazard to the plant and the environment.

The Saf-T-Side manufacturing process breaks down the oil, reducing droplet size from 700 to approximately 50 microns. These smaller oil droplets assure that only a very thin; even coating of oil will be applied to the plant. Thinner, more even coverage enables the product to be more effective in insect and disease control as well as being safer for the plant. The unique pre-emulsified form of Saf-T-Side insures better tank mixing and a more stable tank emulsion from top to bottom.

"We are very pleased to have now received OMRI listing for Saf-T-Side," said Bill Engel, Brandt Consolidated executive vice president. "Saf-T-Side has long been recognized as a leading product in its field, and now with OMRI listing, will be available to organic growers as well."

For a free copy of the new Saf-T-Side publication, or to find a distributor in your area, contact the company at 1-800-300-6559.