Source: Arkion Life Sciences

The Environmental Protection Agency has issued Section 18 permits to market Avipel for the 2011 planting season in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi. This action makes a highly effective method for protecting corn seed available to farmers in those states where certain bird species have become a problem. In Texas, use of the repellent is restricted to cranes. In Louisiana and Mississippi, it can be used for other species as well. These states are the first to receive approval to use Avipel this year; others are still pending.

Many farmers face moderate to severe crop damage from a variety of birds. Cranes, pheasants, blackbirds and grackles are among the most common species that find newly planted corn seed to be an attractive food source. Coating seeds with Avipel effectively removes that attraction by causing a negative impact on digestion. After initially sampling the treated seed, birds avoid it and look for other food sources. 

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