The Spra-Coupe 7655 boasts improved suspension front and rear, added joystick capability and the ability to extend the axle to a 152-inch track. The smoother ride and improved controls will reduce operator fatigue and stress, while the wide track will fit every row crop situation.

"The Spra-Coupe 7000 Series introduced a new level of power and capacity to our customers with the 7450 and 7460 Spra-Coupes," says David Webster, marketing manager, Spra-Coupe Willmar Products. "They are able to cover more acres in a single day with these machines. We can't make those long days any shorter, but with the Spra-Coupe 7655 we improved the ride, the control and the versatility for reduced stress and fatigue on operator and machine."

Improved front suspension starts with the new rigid front axle. It takes full advantage of the flex frame design, keeps all four wheels on the ground regardless of terrain and adds two inches to the long wheelbase. The change eliminates the need for a pivot point and thus eliminates excess left-right roll by the oscillating axle and allows for increased suspension travel. Other changes to the front suspension add to a smoother ride and eliminate front-end noise.

Rear suspension changes include replacing springs with hydraulic cylinders. The cylinders with their pre-charged accumulators act like shock absorbers. The cylinders allow for 11 inches of stroke travel and 7 inches of vertical travel, absorbing bumps and row ends even under full load.

"Operators love joystick controls, and we have made them even more useful and convenient on the Spra-Coupe 7655," says Webster. "Cruise controls have been moved from the armrest to the joystick for fingertip control on the go. An Auto-Guide resume button has also been installed that can be set up for use with any assisted steering system."

New axle designs on the model 7655 add to the 7000 series reputation for versatility. While standard hydraulic controls adjust tracking width on the model 7655 from 88 to 120 inches, a new option boosts tracking by 32 inches. The optional wide track axles let the operator adjust wheel spacing from 120 to 152 inches to handle practically any row or bed configuration.

New tire options include a 24.6-inch wide rear tire for greater flotation and ground pressure of only 7.68 lbs. for reduced soil compaction. One new front tire option provides greater flotation. Another new front tire option for front wheel assist equipped machines, when combined with the new rear tire option, extends the spraying window in wet conditions.

"We have also added new and stronger two-wheel drive hub/spindles to allow for larger front tire options and to provide greater durability," says Webster. "These new choices address operator need to keep going under tough conditions, yet reduce the impact of the machine and its load on the soil. Like our improved suspension, front and rear, and greater versatility in tracking, they are one more way Spra-Coupe keeps raising the bar on productivity."

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