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Bayer CropScience and the Chinese Oil Crops Research Institute (OCRI) have finalized two agreements in the area of oilseed rape research. The parties have agreed to conduct a joint research collaboration related to increasing seed oil content and resistance against the fungal disease Sclerotinia in oilseed rape.

Increasing seed oil content is an important target for Bayer CropScience's oilseed rape research in the context of maximizing oil yield which ultimately delivers premiums to farmers and further strengthens the competetiveness of Bayer CropScience's leading oilseed rape hybrids. Sclerotinia is a widely spread and challenging fungal disease in oilseed rape which can cause yield losses up to 20 percent. Hence Bayer CropScience and OCRI will join research efforts to utilize genes relating to oil content and Sclerotinia resistance using molecular breeding or genetic engineering to better protect and further enhance the oilseed crop.

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