Bayer CropScience showcased several international food chain partnerships at Fruit Logistica, the world's largest international fresh fruit and vegetable tradeshow, February 7 to 9 in Berlin. In addition to highlighting successful partnerships, the company's vegetable seed business, Nunhems, was awarded the 2008 Innovation Award for their new Intense tomato variety.

"Fruit Logistica provides Bayer CropScience with an optimal platform for discussing current market trends with partners and experts in the fresh fruit trade and for developing ideas for new projects", said Dr. Birgitt Walz-Tylla, the company's Head of Food Chain Management. "We presented our first projects in 2006, and this year we are looking forward to demonstrating our successful food chain partnership activities involving many fruit and vegetable crops throughout the world."

The international food chain partnership projects support producers worldwide in their efforts to supply a wide range of high-quality products to the fresh fruit trade, and thus to many consumers, all year round. The wide range of fruits available forms a good basis for a healthy nutrition.

International grape projects are bearing fruit
One example of the international success that the food chain partnership is enjoying is a series of projects involving table grapes. Table grapes are a very sensitive product, requiring considerable expertise in cultivation, packaging and transportation. In addition, food retailers are imposing increasing requirements on this fruit in terms of food safety, quality and traceability.

Bayer CropScience has initiated grape projects in countries including Spain, Morocco, Turkey and Brazil with the aim of working with all the stakeholders to develop approaches to supplying the trade and consumers with high-quality grapes. In the future, traceability and transparent production will continue to help improve quality on a continuous basis. There are plans to expand these activities and to launch further food chain partnership projects in other major grape-growing regions.

Integrated crop protection for sustainable fruit and vegetable cultivation
As an expert in vegetable seeds and crop protection, Bayer CropScience supports integrated cultivation as an important element of sustainable agriculture. The solutions offered by Bayer CropScience include the development and implementation of spraying schedules tailored to local requirements. These measures enable crop protection products and biological alternatives to be used more specifically and with less impact on the environment. The company's experts also provide importers and exporters with information on international trading standards relating to crop protection and help to avoid trade barriers. A global network of organizations in 120 countries enables Bayer CropScience to act as a reliable partner for the national and international fruit and vegetable trade worldwide.

Intense tomato wins Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2008
Also announced at Fruit Logistica, Nunhems, the vegetable seed business of Bayer CropScience, has won the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award 2008 for the new tomato concept Intense. This award for outstanding innovations in the fresh vegetable produce sector and its service industries is voted for by the visitors of the Fruit Logistica.

Intense is a tomato that meets the requirements of consumers and food processors in terms of use options, flavor and appearance. A full-flesh tomato with a higher density that does not lose its juice, Intense is an attractive and cost-effective part of everyday pre-cut salads and meals eaten in or out-of-home.
"We are proud to have won the Fruit Innovation Award 2008 for our Intense concept, said Michel ten Hacken, Head of Marketing & Sales at Nunhems. "This shows that the visitors of the Fruit Logistica, our customers, have acknowledged the superiority of our best-in-class innovation."

Intense was first launched in early 2007, in Spain and is currently being produced in the Mediterranean area. The main focus consumer markets are in Western Europe and Northern-America. To supply the US market the program was launched in Mexico.

Source: Bayer CropScience News Release