This time next year, Bayer CropScience plans to introduce corn growers to a new, proprietary safener and two new corn preemergence weed-control products: Balance FLEXX and Corvus herbicides.

The new corn herbicides account for two of at least six new product innovations the company expects to bring to market for corn growers in the next three years.

"Balance FLEXX and Corvus will include a brand-new Bayer safener that will provide growers with Crop Safety Innovation (CSI) technology," Springsteen says. "This will enable growers to use Balance FLEXX and Corvus on any soils without risk of crop injury and a wide application window."

When registered, corn growers can anticipate Corvus herbicide to provide a one-pass, grass and broadleaf preemergence solution.

"With a new active ingredient and two modes of action, Corvus will be dynamite against the toughest glyphosate and triazine-resistant weeds," Springsteen says.

A low-use-rate product, Corvus will be easy to measure, handle and apply.

Balance FLEXX will provide the same great preemergence control delivered with Balance Pro herbicide, but with improved crop safety and with more rate and application timing flexibility, explains Jeff Springsteen, Bayer CropScience marketing manager for corn herbicides.

Balance FLEXX will be an excellent tank-mix partner in combination with other soil-applied products. It also is intended to be a solid set-up herbicide in a sequential program with Liberty herbicide, Laudis herbicide or glyphosate, as well as other postemergence herbicides.

Once approved by the EPA, Balance FLEXX will be labeled for burndown, early pre-plant, pre-plant incorporated, pre-emergence or even early postemergence applications.

This information is provided for information only. Balance FLEXX and Corvus are not registered by the Environmental Protection Agency or available for use.