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Bayer CropScience has acquired a product for the efficient control of varroa mites (Varroa destructor) from Exosect Ltd., Winchester, United Kingdom. The market launch of this new bee health product in the United States is planned for 2011. First registrations in major European countries are expected from 2012 onwards. The acquisition also enables Bayer CropScience to develop innovative bee health solutions and to commercialize new bee health products worldwide. Financial terms were not disclosed.

The product is based on the innovative Entostat technology, a food grade powder refined from a natural wax which is sustainably harvested from a particular species of palm tree, combined with the miticidal active ingredient thymol. After being spread directly onto the top of the frames, bees start to clean the powder out of the hive. It adheres to their bodies via electrostatic attraction. As they move throughout the hive, the powder is distributed to other bees and onto the framework of the hive, including open brood cells. 

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